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Message from the President of Indian Society of WA

Dear Members,
Indian Society of Western Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the overall achievement and advancement of Indians in Western Australia.

I am honoured and humbled by your trust and confidence in me and for giving me the opportunity to work as President with you during 2018-20 in order to promote the objectives of ISWA.

Our over 50 years' history in the community is evident across numerous programs and non-profits that we have helped to build and support.

Our membership provides more than hundreds of volunteer hours annually. We are proud to partner with over 33 Indian Associations in Western Australia.

I am pleased to inform you that following the AGM on 08 April 2018, the New Management Committee was elected. The new executive committee is comprised of highly respected leaders within the Indian community who have a wealth of experience in various fields and community service.

ISWA will continue to present a unified front for all of its Associated member Associations and promote the advancement of people of Indian origin in Western Australia.

ISWA will continue playing a meaningful role for the Indian diaspora and will keep advocating on matters of interest to the Indian communities. We will continue to promote Indian Art, Culture and to foster friendships with the wider Australian Community.

Thank you and look forward to your continuing support.
Surya Ambati