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Why ?

  • The foremost reason is to join activities and communication on our India community by way of registering for ISWA membership. You would be receiving all communications from ISWA, including this newsletter.
  • Consider this as your contribution to the community. By merely registering your presence you are doing a great service to community.
  • We are not a commercial or leisure establishment. Ours is truly a community organisation. Hence, profit / returns could not be motive for becoming member of ISWA. However, joining ISWA and participating in various programs would give you good opportunities for networking with various community members.
  • If you have spirit / ambition to do community service, ISWA is one of the platforms to do so. You can take initiatives to conduct community service programs under the ISWA banner, supported by other members.
  • You receive rebates on charged programs arranged by ISWA.
  • You receive discounts on some Indian commercial establishments, such as Prime Products at present and more to come.